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Business Enterprises – Corporate and Financing

We help companies and entrepreneurs, directors and shareholders to form, lead and grow their business. Our clients benefit from personal and tailored advice, while it is our philosophy that trust is the basis of a mutually beneficial relationship.

Our highly qualified attorneys distinguish themselves by their expertise and their entrepreneurial thinking – in our view the core of a successful consultancy in commercial matters. Furthermore, our attorneys frequently lead discussions, speak on conferences and publish articles.

As attorneys and through our network of business consultants and attorneys in other jurisdictions, our clients benefit in

- the phase of the formation of their business;
- the growth phase, including mergers & acqusitions (M&A) and financing;
- corporate governance cases including the liability of directors and officers; - disputes between shareholders and with third persons; and
- corporate succession matters.

Furthermore, we advise and represent investors with respect to their investments, and – if necessary – in their legal disputes after failed investments.

The success of a trial requires more than an attorney who is familiar with the specific field of law. It is rather a job for a specialist who makes the right decisions already at the beginning of the legal proceeding or even prior to that in order to succeed.

Customized Advice

Dr. Benno A. Packi, German attorney at law and Associated Partner of the law firm Ley Jesch Racky, helps clients in Mergers & Acquisitions, Financing matters, Capital Markets Law, and Corporate Law. He is experienced in the IT, automotive, energy, biotech and pharmaceutical industry. Mr. Packi speaks on conferences, including client seminars, and writes articles in corporate and financing law.

In the growth phase of our client's business, the discussion with and advice of the required measures are of particular importance. We suggest not only legal and tax advice, but in particular also strategic and financial consultancy. We are happy to offer our legal expertise. Furthermore, we have a broad network of attorneys and tax advisors in jurisdisdictions outside of Germany.

Due to the experiences in corporate transactions, corporate restructuring and financing we gained in many years in different industries, we quickly identify the opportunities and the risks associated. We consider ourselves as legal advisors and providers of creative ideas in order to achieve our client's economic objectives as fast, efficient and legally safe as possible.

If required, we are also happy to suggest suitable business consultants and financial advisors who can help with respect to the market strategy, market entry, capital structure and financing strategy, identification of target companies in case of an intended acquisition, post-M&A integration, search for suitable managers for the target company, placement of shares, etc.

In case of an investment, we review prior to the investment decision the draft agreements and regulations to identify the pitfalls – whether our client intends to invest in real estate, by way of a loan, a bond (including convertible bond), a profit participating loan, a silent partnership, a limited liability partnership, shares in a fund, shares of listed stock corportions, etc. In case of a failed investment, we help our clients, if necessary, also in court or arbitration proceedings.


Dr. Benno A. Packi
Attorney at Law (Germany)

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